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If you ever had a dream of riding a Segway scooter freely without anyone having to stop you, then this is your chance. Get on your scooter and get set to have the experience of a lifetime on your GoGreen Segway fun ride Sentosa- an ultimate adventure that keeps you entertained in Sentosa Island. Spend your day filled with fun and adventure on sunny Sentosa Island with this eco-friendly tour which is perfect for everyone; especially children. Hop on your Segway or bicycle and set on an expedition to explore the wonderful sights of Sentosa. It’s a 30-minute ride that takes you to explore the beaches of Palawan, Tanjong, and Siloso with the assistance of a friendly guide.

Not only do you get to visit these amazing beaches, but you also get to do your sightseeing on the Sentosa Island as you head towards some famous attractions of Singapore. This escapade is ideal for families with kids to celebrate happy occasions and have fun. You can get a Segway for your children and a bicycle for yourself and the fact that this whole GoGreen Segway Sentosa is an eco-friendly adventure makes it much more interesting and informative as you get to learn more about the facts of the places you will be visiting.

Buying Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure Tickets Online

You can always book your GoGreen Segway Eco Adventure tickets in person; however, if you choose to book your tickets online, you escape the hustle of waiting in a long queue and heavenly crowds that you may find at the ticket counter. An online voucher gets you your Segway or your bicycle as soon as you reach the venue- no hustle-bustle. Not only do you avoid huge queues, but you can also avail of special discounts and offers that you only get on online tickets, and choose from the three exciting variants of this ride. You can choose from a 500m ride, an 800m ride, and a 30-minute GoGreen Segway eco-adventure ride along the Siloso and Palawan Beach.

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Segway Fun Ride 800 M
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Sentosa Bicycle Rental (1 hour)
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Go Green Segway Tour Options

Go Green Segway Eco Adventure Tickets

There are several easy-to-explore the majestic sights of Sentosa, but nothing tops the adventure of riding a GoGreen Segway eco-adventure. It's a somewhat socially distant fun adventure that you can do with your family that you undertake after safety instruction and a short riding lesson that helps you learn how to ride.

Your Segway will be easier to operate and you will be accompanied by a trained guide who will give you interesting tidbits about the landmarks you pass. In addition to the Segway, you can rent a bike for one or two hours and tour the island at your leisure. Three interconnected bicycle paths span around 12 kilometers and offer lots of vistas and treasures to discover throughout the island.

Segway Eco Adventure

Your GoGreen Segway Eco Adventure tour comes with two fine variants to choose from- Segway Eco Adventure (30 minutes or 500 meters) and Segway Eco Adventure (30 minutes or 2 Pax). The Segway Eco Adventure lets you tour the whole of Sentosa Island on a Segway along with a trained and friendly guide who showers you with interesting facts about the landmarks that you pass through. You can choose your rounds as per your budget and ride for 30 minutes or 1 to 3 rounds and ride your GoGreen Segway Singapore while also learning about the landmarks from your friendly guide.

Segway Fun Ride

Ride your GoGreen Segway fun ride Sentosa with utmost fun while also taking care of the social distancing rules with the Segway Fun Ride. It’s a fun and family-friendly Segway ride that you can find at the GoGreen attraction that lets you explore the beauty of Sentosa Island and its pristine beaches with a Segway Personal Transporter. You’ll be given an informative but exciting training session with a short riding session with the help of a trained professional. The best part about this activity is that it is suitable for everyone, especially kids. You have to be above 105 cm in height and you’re good to go. You have the constant aid of your trainer to assist you in any case; however, this activity does not require any prior experience. It’s a fun activity that only makes your bond with your friends and family stronger.

Sentosa Bicycle Rental

How about an adventure that lets you ride a bicycle and travel a whole lot of Sentosa Island on your own? You can rent a bicycle from the GoGreen Segway Station and set out on an expedition exploring the lush greenery and the pictorial sights of Sentosa while discovering every corner of the island’s hidden gems. Choose from the three variants of your bicycle- Sentosa Bicycle Rental for 1 hour, 2 hours, and an overnight rental that lets you rent a bicycle for one night, so you can ride it as long as you want.

This tour offers three routes: Family Bonding, Fun & Nature rentals, and Nature & Lifestyle routes. Your first route takes you to ride your bicycle on flat ground and explore the beaches of Siloso and Palawan, the second route takes you to the treasures of Sentosa Imbiah Nature Trail, and the third trail lets you ride through hillsides and designated on-road cycling lanes leading to Sentosa Cove Village and Tanjong Beach. You need to wear a helmet which is available for free at rentals.

bicycle-1h (1).jpg
GoGreen Segway Tours and Sentosa Bike Rental

Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors opt for the combo package of GoGreen Segway tours and Sentosa Bike rentals that lets you experience the treasure island of Sentosa on a GoGreen Segway eco-adventure tour where you get to explore the pristine beaches and impeccable landmarks of the island. You can also rent a bicycle and ride at your own pace to explore the beautiful sights and beaches of the island. The best part of this excursion is that they use eco-friendly Segways and bicycles for your adventures. Not only do you travel the island and admire its beauty, but you also get to create a special bond and memories with your friends and family.

Singapore Cable Car + Skyline Luge + Go Green Segway Fun Ride-

Make the most out of your trip to Sentosa Island in Singapore by opting for this wonderful combo ticket that gets you access to some of the most entertaining attractions of Singapore. Start your trip with a round trip on the Singapore Cable Car, a ride that lets you soak in the breathtaking aerial view that connects Mount Faber to the mainland of Sentosa. Upon reaching the island, get access to the Skyline Luge which features 4 scenic tracks that get the adrenaline in you going. And conclude this trip by riding a GoGreen Segway fun ride Sentosa, which is a perfect getaway of exploring the island.

Advantages of Booking Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure Tickets

You can always purchase your GoGreen Segway Eco Adventure tickets on the spot, but you have to wait in line for your tickets and there are times you might not even get your tickets as the counter could run out of tickets. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase your tickets online to avoid long queues and save big on your tickets. All you have to do is to choose your combo package and buy your ticket. It’s a safer option as you don’t have to come in contact with anyone and you can explore your ticket options in your own comfort zone.

Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure

Purchase Skip the Line Tickets- GoGreen Segway is a prominent eco-friendly attraction in Sentosa Island, Singapore; hence it is obvious that this adventure sees a lot of tourism on a per-day basis. This results in a heavenly crowd and a long queue at the ticket counter. Furthermore, you get your Segway on a first come first serve basis. So, to avoid this hassle, arrive at the attraction any time with your online ticket and head straight to the venue where you’ll get on our Segway and ride the whole Sentosa Island.

Best Combo Deals- Another benefit of booking an online ticket to the GoGreen Segway attraction is that you can avail exclusive combo packages, something that you cannot purchase in person as you would have to roam from ticket counters to ticket counters. Instead, if you buy an online ticket, you get the best deals on combo packages where you can rent a bike, go for Skyline Luge, Sentosa Shuttle, and more.

Convenience/Ease- You have an option of booking your ticket in the comfort and convenience of your home or office and it’s easier than standing in a line, waiting for your turn. As easily you can book the tickets, so you can cancel at any point in time. The online booking counter remains open 24*7.

Book your tickets in advance- Planning a vacation two months from now? No problem. You have an opportunity to book your tickets online at any point in time and visit whenever you like. Your ticket voucher can be redeemed within 90 days of purchasing, so you have 3 months to visit the attraction or cancel your tickets. It can all be done in advance.

Best Deals and Discounts- Needless to say that booking an online ticket has its benefits, but nothing tops the exclusive offers and discounts an online ticket provides you. While booking your ticket to the GoGreen Segway Sentosa fun ride, you can check out the great deals and discounts offered on the combo or non-combo packages. It saves your money and makes your trip budget-friendly.

Experience of Sentosa Segway Tour

Needless to say that your experience of Go Green Segway fun ride Sentosa will be impeccable as you get an opportunity to explore the beautiful beaches and landmarks of Sentosa Island as you ride a Segway. Your Sentosa Segway Tour begins at the Go Green Segway Office, which is conveniently located near the Sentosa Beach Station. Get your helmet and a quick round of safety lessons before getting on your very own Segway for the day. Your Segway then takes you on a gorgeous tour of the island, including Singapore's renowned landmark Merlion, a 121-foot-tall mythological beast with a lion's head on a fish's body that makes an excellent backdrop for photo sessions.Ride your Segway to Fort Siloso and learn about the significance of Singapore's military history.

It's an educational trip that culminates in a friendly guided narration and a war bunker that leads you through the country's battles with the Japanese during WWII. Take the next step to the Skywalk Tower in Fort Siloso to take in the boundless expanse and stunning views of Continental Asia's Southernmost Point. While ascending down the Skywalk Tower and 181-meter-long Skywalk Bridge, you would enjoy a lovely trip back along the route.

Bring your GoGreen Segway fun ride Sentosa to a close with a pleasantly appealing ride through Sentosa's immaculate beaches, including Siloso, Palawan, and Tanjong, where you can enjoy the gentle breeze and check out the awe-inspiring food and beverage establishments, as well as many other attractions that line the white sands. Make a lot of memories with your friends and family, especially the kids, while touring Sentosa Island.

Know Before you Go Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure

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What to wear & Tips
Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure
  • Cruise around Sentosa’s major landmarks while riding a Go Green Segway fun ride in Singapore and explore the pristine beaches of Silosa, Tanjong, and Palawan on your ride.
  • Get to use top-quality equipment and accessories for your adventure that are not only reliable but eco-friendly.
  • Choose from the three available variants of the tour providing 1 to 3 rounds and 30 to 60 minutes of an entertaining ride through the hidden gems of Sentosa Island.
  • Rent a bike and pedal through different riding tracks and travel according to your own pace.
  • Have a friendly chat with the locals and learn more about the iconic landmarks as you pass through them on the island.

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